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Resource Booking

Deliver a booking process to ensure that all staff have equal opportunity to access school resources, while also ensuring the resources are efficiently utilised.

Parent Booking

Designed for simplicity, the application provides various booking options for parents including: regular parent/teacher interviews, enrolment interviews, volunteer bookings, and others.

School Notices

Transform your school notices using the next generation of automation. Targeted notices for groups, classes, or individual students will help improve the efficient communication of events impacting your school.

Detention System

Assisting your school to foster positive attitudes, recording the exceptions, scheduling the consequences and following up the outcome.

Student Attendance

Assisting your school to execute your duty of care in an efficient and reliable manner. Monitoring student attendance and escalating student absence procedures.

Subject Selection

The Subject Selection application provides a set of carefully controlled choices for students to select their learning preferences.

Tutor Booking

The tutor booking system is designed to assist your teaching staff to manage their tutoring workload. Whether they are providing private or public tutoring, inside or outside of school time, on any subject, instrument or sport, the Sobs tutor booking system will help

Permission Slips

Increase parent engagement through the use of instant feedback and surveys. Request parent permission and when necessary elicit a signed paper copy.

School Calendar

A multi-level calendar providing individualised views for every user. Includes the SPAR (Staff Planned Absence Register) tool for managing staff absence.

Health & Safety

Create a safer environment for staff and students, every day of the year.


Collect enrolment information electronically, validate online and confirm eligibility. Maintain an orderly waitlist of out-of-catchment applications.

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