Quality Policy

Our mission is to provide applications that make our customers jobs easier.

Our vision is to see schools across Australia and New Zealand utilising and benefiting from SOBS.

We value christian principles such as honesty, trust and integrity.


We will always make time for our customers, whether they are asking for help, requesting information, complimenting us, complaining or just for want to talk. We aim for every customer to have a positive experience with our applications and when they contact us.


We will communicate regularly with our suppliers to ensure we maintain a good working relationship with them. We will regularly review our suppliers products, services and pricing to ensure we are giving and receiving the best possible experience.


We want every employee to experience a high level of satisfaction with their roles. Every employee should feel useful, appreciated, and affirmed.


Our goal is to maintain our Quality Management System to the standard documented as ISO 9001:2015, with a commitment to satisfy all applicable requirements, and to the continual improvement of our QMS as outlined in the standard.

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