School Calendar

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A multi-level calendar providing individualised views for every user. Includes the SPAR (Staff Planned Absence Register) tool for managing staff absence.

One Calendar - Individual Views

Every event is stored on a single calendar, however each staff member may see a different set of events depending on their permissions, and roles. Every event added to the calendar will be categorised, and the category will determine who is permitted to add an event, whether it needs approval and who will approve it, what colour it is displayed with, and who will be able to view it.

Some categories will be school wide, and in most cases these will be visible by all staff, students and possibly open to public viewing. With this broad category the school may choose to control who can add events or require approval of events added to the category. While more specific categories may be open for general staff to add events these categories are likely to be visible only to staff.

SPAR - Staff Planned Absence Register

You can configure categories for use with the SPAR facility - with the added controls ensuring staff register the event within certain time frames. The SPAR event will allow the staff member to specify which periods require cover, optionally where the funding is coming from, and optionally include other staff in the event. SPAR events will typically all require approval, and where there are additional staff involved each will require their own approval.

  • The calendar also support personal events such as a dentist appointment - only the individual user will see these, however they will be displayed along side all of the other events taking place at the school.
  • Optionally upload an attachment to an event
  • Administrators can view history regarding an event, such as who added the event and when, and when and who approved it.
  • Flexible reporting options
  • Public events are accessible via a static URL, or an XML/XSLT list suitable for inclusion on your school website
  • The calendar is also accessible via CalDAV, allowing the events to appear on your CalDAV compatible phone or calendar application

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